Jamberry Brand Book

Jamberry Nails experienced explosive growth ($0-$300 Million) as a nail wrap company but wanted to expand beyond a product-based brand. They struggled to align their teams under a common vision and purpose, and needed help clearly defining, designing, and activating their brand. They engaged Hint to help do this and express their brand both visually and verbally. The result was the Jamberry brand book.

The brand book centered on the idea that everyone has a personal style, and Jamberry helps people discover and express their own personal style better than anyone.

Hint art directed and defined the key elements for their brand visuals and voice. Hint oversaw the creative for the brand book: design, art direction, editorial design, and photography. The design and photography reflects the authenticity of the refreshed brand in a clean and playful way. Throughout the book, the copy explains the brand structure in a sincere and positive voice; the design works in tandem to create a fun and inviting editorial introduction to the Jamberry brand. Photography by Jon Moe.