You & Yours Vodka and Gin

You & Yours Distilling Co. is located in the East Village of sunny San Diego, California. They are a destination distillery, tasting room, event space and cocktail bar, complete with cocktail program highlighting their signature craft spirits: Y&Y Vodka (a classic vodka) and Sunday Gin (a citrus-noted gin).

They were founded by Laura Johnson, who is one of a handful of female head distillers in the country. Y&Y is a direct result of Laura not being hired as a distiller in a male-dominated industry. So she created her own, and built it around the idea of bringing people together. Laura describes You & Yours’ aesthetic as “approachable yet aspirational. I wanted it to be inviting and pleasing to the eye, yet still be a bit eclectic, relaxed yet sophisticated.”

The packaging reflects the authenticity of the brand. Each spirit was designed to be unique, drawing inspiration from their distinct ingredients. Sunday Gin: citrus-forward with notes of fresh florals and herbs. Y&Y Vodka: a blend of single-source distillates of corn, potato, and grape. The result was a visual system which allows for each spirit family to stand on its own while tying back to You & Yours Distilling Co. family.

Product photography: Derek Israelsen     Location photography: Lindsey Marie