Babe Original Photography

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Babe Lash brand created a loyal following around an amazing lash serum that frankly just worked. Over the years, they added an arsenal of performance cosmetics (cosmetics that all have lasting results). As the brand grew, so did their loyal following. However, their product architecture and positioning became fragmented as they added more non-lash products. Hint led Babe Lash through a full brand refresh, starting with strategy, a gradual visual update in 2021, which culminated in a comprehensive rename and rebrand, launched in mid 2022.

Beauty Photography: Mckenzie Thompson   Product Photography: Derek Israelsen

Borboleta Aftercare Videos

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Borboleta Beauty built their business on selling lash extensions directly to professional lash artists. However, they saw a unique opportunity to branch into consumer products with aftercare products for daily use. Hint art directed the photography and video for their first consumer targeted campaign “Aftercare that feels like skincare.” The campaign was an instant success, with a 100% boost in sales, selling out multiple times in the first six months.

Beauty Photographer: Sarah Silver, Beauty DP: Mark Sherman, Product Photographer: Derek Israelsen, Product DP: Ryan Dearth, Video Editor: Grant Worth