Babe Locks Branding

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Babe Original champions originality, effectiveness, and universal accessibility in everything they do. And with Babe Locks, they’ve taken that philosophy to new heights in the haircare category. Designed to complement their cosmetic line, our packaging design approach focused on upholding the brand’s bold, premium look and feel. For the campaign, we crafted a haircare-specific theme to set Babe Locks apart from the rest of the products: “My hair makes me an original.” From shower to finish, our art direction tells a consistent story, captured in stunning photos and videos. Finally, we created a library of visual assets to fuel the cross-platform digital launch campaign. Because when it comes to originality, every detail matters.

Beauty Photographer and Director: Mckenzie Thompson   

DP: Jonathan Checkroune

Product Photographer: Derek Israelsen

Borboleta Aftercare Videos

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Borboleta Beauty built their business on selling lash extensions directly to professional lash artists. However, they saw a unique opportunity to branch into consumer products with aftercare products for daily use. Hint art directed the photography and video for their first consumer targeted campaign “Aftercare that feels like skincare.” The campaign was an instant success, with a 100% boost in sales, selling out multiple times in the first six months.

Beauty Photographer: Sarah Silver, Beauty DP: Mark Sherman, Product Photographer: Derek Israelsen, Product DP: Ryan Dearth, Video Editor: Grant Worth

Spoonful of Comfort Animation

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Spoonful of Comfort was founded in 2007 is an online gifting company that believes comfort food care packages are the next best thing, when you can’t be there in person. They ship soup, cookies, rolls, and more. Every order gets special care and attention.

Hint created a stop motion animation featuring the unboxing of the experience, capturing the care and craftsmanship of the Spoonful of Comfort brand. This directly addressed one of Spoonful of Comforts biggest challenges, helping people quick understand what was in the box.

Photography: David Meredith